LG XBOOM Go XG7 | 30W | IP67 Waterproof & Dust Resistant | 24 Hours of Battery Life

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    Key Features

  • Powerful 30W outputs
  • Expanded selection of 16 million colors
  • IP67 - Handle Some Splashes
  • 20 Hours of Battery Life - Enjoy Music Anytime
LG XBOOM Go XG7 is placed on the metal table with orange lighting is on. Behind the table, people are enjoying the music.

Play, Light and Boost.

Play the music, light up the mood and feel powerful sound with LG XBOOM Go.

Feel Powerful Sound with LG XBOOM Go

Experience LG XBOOM Go's remarkable sound that delivers deep bass and powerful sound together with LG’s latest sound technology.

All-New Units Deliver Brand New Powerful Sound

Track-type woofer produces deep bass and the dome tweeter is engineered to create a crisp high-frequency response.

Experience Bigger, Bolder Sound

With powerful 30W outputs, you can rock to the beat and enjoy an elevated audio experience every time, from meditation to partying with friends.

Feel that Bass Even at Low Volume

The bass enhancement algorithm lets you hear and feel each distinct bass note, even when you turn the music down low.
Sound Boost

Boost up Fun with Stronger Sound

One press of Sound Boost and you can widen the sound field and enjoy your music loudly.

Give Color to Every Music

With an expanded selection of 16 million colors, you can play every song alongside every color of the rainbow for an enriched music experience.

Sync Your Mood with Light Studio

Every moment has a color, sound. Experience the lighting and music that suits your mood of the day on the XBOOM App.

LG XBOOM Go XG7 with purple lighting is placed on the floor. On top of the speaker it shows three modes of Light studio; ambient, nature, and party.

Just Enjoy Music Anytime,Anywhere


Loves Outdoor Adventures

LG XBOOM Go is ready to crank the outdoors. With IP67, it can withstand water and dust so you never have to worry about keeping the music going.

Two LG XBOOM Go XG7 are placed in infinite space. One shows that it's waterproof and the other is dust-proof.

The speaker is placed on a beach towel. In front of the speaker, it shows sunset beach to illustrate that this speaker can be played up to 24 hours.

24hrs battery

Keeps Music Powered Up to 24 Hours

Your music will keep going till the next day with LG XBOOM Go XG7’s 24-hour battery. You can even charge your phone with XBOOM Go.

*24-hour battery life is based on using 50% volume and no lighting.

LG XBOOM Go XG7 is placed on the poolside. Three people are talking through the speaker in the pool.

Speaker Phone

Answering Calls Hands-Free

LG XBOOM Go makes sure you get an incoming call while the music plays. It switches so you can chat hands-free.

There's a forest and a river in the image. On the bottom of the image it shows UL, energy star and SGS logos.


Made With Recycled Plastic

UL has validated LG XBOOM Go as ECV (Environmental Claims Validation) products because some parts of the XBOOM Go body use recycled plastic-- We're taking a more eco-minded approach to portable Bluetooth speaker production.
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